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A federally tax exempt, 501(c)3 not for profit organization based in Philadelphia and Colorado; TBS works to mobilize urban communities around green infrastructure and produce meaningful community spaces: schoolyards, urban parks and other places.  We engage key stakeholders—grassroots community organizations, and city, state and federal agencies—to cultivate large-scale community change by supporting model projects and initiatives that begin at the local and neighborhood level.  However, to carryout this mission, it is critical that we have everybody (the entire community) involved in the process from the beginning to the end.

How We Are Different

TBS is very different than other organizations that focus on building schoolyards. How? We have three main priorities that not only make us different than any other organization but also ensure a better product for the community at large.

Grassroots Community Engagement

It is critical for TBS to have actual conversations instead of presentations with community members as it relates to the development and revitalization of blighted spaces. We amplify the voice of the community to create, and move all of our projects forward. TBS is the backbone, providing the support, planning, and infrastructure for community driven adaptive design where residents and business owners have and take ownership of the project.


TBS is the only organization that creates a comprehensive schoolyard plan that goes beyond offering an outdoor classroom. Our holistic project includes physical and academic education and addresses the social and emotional growth for children. TBS works closely with school principals, teachers and staff to design and implement the changes the school wants to see to make it a highly functional usable, educational outdoor space.

Design & Implementation

TBS sees schoolyards as community development projects and we want to make sure that every project maximizes community and volunteer opportunities. Our goal is to maximize the use of community busi-nesses and organizations in the development and execution of our projects. TBS encourages a broad spectrum of construction ranging from traditional public bid work to volunteer driven projects, and in-kind support from local businesses and contractors in the way of labor, materials and supplies. Building the outdoor spaces this way creates added value and buy-in from the community because they see all of these organizations working together to do something great for the community.