Garden Place Academy Advocates closing the funding gap for schoolyard

This time last year a fund raiser and student art exhibit was held at the National Western Complex.  With the focus on the talent behind Garden Place Academy (GPA) and the efforts of Garden Place Academy Advocates (GPAA), it’s no surprise the Denver community showed up and raised $36,000 towards reimagining the almost twenty-year old Learning Landscape.  Alongside GPAA was the participation of Councilman Albus Brooks.

Fast forward to March 2017, and GPAA has leveraged that first event with continued success in raising funds.  Hi lights include funding from three local foundations, Cherry Creek, Gates and Buell.  Agency funding from USDA, Denver office of economic development and Councilman Albus Brooks. These funds and funds from private individuals and businesses has resulted in $420,625 raised leaving GPAA only $70,000 short of its $494,000 goal for phase one.

GPA Principal, Rebecca Salomon knows these improvements , “will help level the academic playing field at our school.”

What’s next?   On Earth Day, April 22 over 500 volunteers from Comcast and the community will complete the community garden. GPAA plans to culminate the final March through May fundraising push with a Thank You event on May 18th.

To learn more how you can get involved visit  Garden Place Academy Advocates.