Philly Schoolyards Exchange Program

The Philly Schoolyards Exchange Program brings graduate students studying landscape architecture to Philadelphia for an immersive experience.

The graduate students participate in a week long program where they will work with a local public school in Philadelphia to create a site and redevelopment schoolyard plan which will include cost estimates, phasing and design development drawings.

Mt. Airy and South Philly Schools

The Big SandBox, Iowa State University, University of New Hampshire, have partnered with six schools that comprise the Mt. Airy Schools Coalition: AB Day, Emlen, Henry, Houston, Jenks, and Lingelbach schools and four schools in South Philly: Stephen Girard, Gen. George McCall, Eliza B. Kirkbride and George W. Childs.  Each school is being provided a master plan,  a written report and set of schematic drawings that set forth the structure for future campus improvements.  Through these master plans, each school has articulated a vision that speaks to the desires of the school and surrounding community. 

North Central and Lower North Philadelphia Schools

The Big SandBox, University of Colorado, University of New Hampshire, have partnered with ten schools during 2015 and 2016.  2015: Tanner Duckrey School, James G. Blaine School, Edward Gideon School, and William D. Kelley School.  2016: Robert Morris School, Edward Steele School, Thomas Peirce School, Paul L. Dunbar School, Richard R. Wright School, Gen. George Meade School



Drawing and Photo Credits: Blake Andera; Erika Birnbaum; Jacob Brouillette; Timothy Buescher; Jiahuan Cai; Ian Clark; Eric Cook; Nanqi Dai; Sara Davids; Madison Dierks; Cormac Diggins; Chad Easter; Taylor Goetzinger; Katherine Gould; Josh Haines; Katie Hamerlinck; Amanda Holtman; Da “Thomas” Huo; Tyson Marinis; Blake Osland; Kyle Schellhorn; Morgan Van Denack and Taylor Wald