More and more communities are realizing the value of schoolyards as school and community asset.  As this grassroots movement grows it is essential to stay informed and be aware of the tools that build the evidence for greening and redeveloping schoolyards.  Toward that end we have begun compiling helpful resources and have recommended links to partner organizations:

Schoolyard Assessment and Evaluation Forms:

Gathering baseline information is essential to building a case for schoolyard redevelopment.

TBS_Schoolyard Assessment

TBS_Schoolyard Play Capacity

TBS_Adv. Schoolyard Play Capacity

TBS_Play Equipment Safety Form

Green Schoolyards and Stormwater Infrastructure Review:

In partnership with Philadelphia Water Department, TBS conducted a 50-city review of North American school district policies regarding the design of stormwater infrastructure on schoolyards.


International School Grounds Alliance – Value of Risk in Play and Learning

“School grounds should not be as safe as possible but as safe as necessary.”

—  Risk in Play and Learning: Ubud-Höör Declaration, International School Grounds Alliance

Learning Landscapes – Scaling the model

School in the Yard