The Play(Ground)’s The Thing

The Philadelphia Citizen helped set the stage for what TBS hopes to achieve in 2016 with their feature article on Jan. 6th. Author Melanie Bavaria thoughtfully outlined the origin of our methods and our increasing relationships with schoolyard communities across Philly.

“At South Philly’s George W. Nebinger Elementary as at Hackett, creating a new schoolyard is a community effort. Over the last year, Brink and her ‘mighty but tiny group’ have been working with the students, faculty, parents, and surrounding community to design a schoolyard that works for their particular needs. The principal  wants a space that can be incorporated into the curriculum, using green areas to teach students about science and nature. But then there are other considerations, such as age-appropriate play equipment and areas for parents to sit while their kids use the playground during off-hours.”

As a media outlet that strives to provide deeply reported journalism that hopes to actively reignite citizenship in and around Philadelphia, their endorsement was a perfect way to start the year. Thank you Philly Citizen!

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